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Jay's mobile multitrack setup features 24 channels of high end mic preamps paired with an Alesis HD24 digital multitrack recorder, not to mention 24 channels of Radial Balanced splitters for a 100% isolated split from a FOH board. This setup gives you the ability to record top notch studio quality live with the option to mix the multitrack later in the studio.

All this fancy gear is nothing without an experienced professional to make sure everything runs smoothly and to keep the vibe right. Jay has years of experience recording on location at multiple venues and has worked with a variety of styles of music. He's traveled as close as Skully's Music Diner, Rumba Cafe, and the Columbus Music Hall, working with local music acts such as Mark Flugge, The Spikedrivers, The Lost Revival, Mike Perkins, Flotation Walls, and Joey Hebdo, and traveled far far away to the many Cathedrals of Germany, France, Czech Republic, and Switzerland with Capital University's Chapel Choir. In 2009, he traveled to the remote hills of Pennsylvania to record the Couch Forts' latest full length album in the isolated Piney Run Cabin, with only a gas generator to power up the equipment! Please contact Jay to discuss your next project.